DKSA Membership and Private Instruction Pricing

Basic Membership: $50 per month ($30 for each additional family member with proof of residency)
Basic Membership includes:

  • Access to DKSA workout sessions run by our coaches and staff.
  • Off-season and in-season training programs only available to academy members.
  • Discounted individual and group lessons.
  • Discounted clinic prices.
  • Discounted camp prices.
  • Access to our indoor facility, "The Lab", to train and use for member workouts.
  • Ideal for players who want quality reps and instruction in a competitive setting.

Private Lessons

DKSA instructors can work with baseball and softball athletes in hitting, pitching, catching, and position specific defensive training (catchers, infielders, and outfielders). We can also work with athletes on speed training and velocity/arm care programs. We tailor our lessons and training to suit each individual athlete with video analysis and data analytics (Rapsodo, Blast Motion, etc). At DKSA, we work with each athlete to design a plan for facility training and outside the facility so athletes can progress and get better at home.

Private Lesson Rates


  • Half hour lessons - $30
  • Hour lessons - $50


  • Half hour lessons - $40
  • Hour lessons - $60

We also offer group lessons along with lesson packages of 5-10. Call us for group and package deal pricing!